Multiple roads, bridges and maintenance projects have been undertaken for several years. Contractors are often Modern dredge on a background of the new bridgeworking on tight budgets, so the used equipment has to be in operation and constantly productive. There are big challenges ahead for the equipment that will be used to manipulate the soil (excavation) or to break rocks (drilling). The soil varieties and the hard rocks encountered must be taken into consideration in order to suggest the optimal welding filler alloys for the situation. One type of soil could be much more abrasive than another one, whereas there are different kinds of rocks with their own size and hardness which make them unique.

Sodel has several solutions that will allow you to increase the productivity of the equipment in terms of durability and reduction of maintenance time and costs. Sodel has a complete line of hardfacing welding alloys that adapt to the working situation of your tools and equipment. Here are some of the most popular ones :

Sodel 325 will be useful where there is a direct jolt with rocks ; this alloy has an excellent impact resistance. This exceptional impact resistance is due to the quick hardening of the deposit’s microstructure under shock stress. The hardfacing of hammers and crusher jaws constitutes one of the major applications that will require the use of this alloy.

Sodel 2045 will protect the parts against abrasion when drilling. This product has a superior resistance to fine abrasives. This intrinsic property is due to the multiplicity and the concentration of hard compounds forming in the deposit’s microstructure in the as-welded condition.

Sodel 2024PLUS is to be used on parts facing abrasion under low impacts. This product has an excellent abrasion resistance and a moderate impact resistance. With its unique structure meeting the requirements for resistance to abrasion and impact, this product is very efficient and has brought great satisfaction in regards to its performance on several machinery components (Agriculture machinery, mining equipment, forestry equipments, dredging equipment, public work, etc.).

Please take note that the ideal product to use may vary from one project to another depending on the working condition of the equipment. It is for this reason that the Sodel product line includes more than 50 hardfacing products.