Mild Steel

Sodel 31 (Joining-Electrode) .

Easy-flow and all-position rutile welding electrode with a soft arc, smooth bead and easy slag removal for general purpose fabrication like welding of mild steel plates, sheet metal and galvanized steels, etc. Very user friendly and well suitable for vertical-down welding as well.

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Sodel Multielectrodes Pack , , , .

This kit contains :

0,55 lbs of aluminum electrode (Sodel 118 in 1/8”). For joining and building up aluminum alloys.

1,1 lbs of cast iron electrode (Sodel CU89 in 1/8”). To join and repair gray, malleable and nodular cast iron.

1,1 lbs of alloy steel electrode (Sodel 335 in 1/8”). To weld all types of steels in any combination.

1,1 lbs of mild steel electrode (Sodel 31 in 1/8”). For joining all mild steels in any position.

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